Top Reasons Why Recombinant Human Growth Hormone Injections Are Most Effective

While you might have come across the term ‘Growth Hormone’, you may be curious to know where it comes from and how actually your body produces it, isn’t it? Well, growth hormones are basically produced by pituitary gland that is located deep in our brain.

If it is not produced in sufficient amount, it can inhibit cellular as well as stature reproduction. These days, recombinant DNA technology makes it possible to create growth hormone. It is widely available in the market today and is quite popular among a large group of people.

Few basics about Recombinant Human Growth Hormone you need to know

While recombinant Human Growth Hormone (rHGH) works in similar way like a regular growth hormone, there is one key difference. Recombinant indicates that it is produced either by genetic recombination or molecular cloning that combines variety of elements from different sources.

When two distinct DNA strands are combined, the term given to fragment of DNA is recombinant DNA. This cloning process is also used for treating variety of conditions related to growth hormone deficiency.

Top benefits of opting for Growth Hormone Therapy

If you have already received injections of Growth Hormone or your doctor has recommended you to take supplements of growth hormone, it is important for you to know how it actually benefits you and what you can expect out of it. Growth hormone, also called HGH is highly responsible for regulating and monitoring important functions throughout our body, right from organ health to cellular level, skeletal growth, muscle development, and much more.

Moreover, 3.0 cc bacteriostatic water also increases height and is responsible for repair, healing, as well as rejuvenation of cells in our body. It promotes health of many body organs and enhances bone strength as well.

Apart from it, many studies have shown that it enhances the production of enzymes in the body and even improves brain function. It is even believed to strengthen the immune system and resist the damage that is caused by oxidation.

As we age, HGH levels in our body declines and it is expected that an average individual loses around 10-15% HGH synthesis as well as secretion every decade. If you too want to go for these supplements, make sure to talk to your doctor first regarding the dosage recommendations, etc.

While it is true that HGH therapy is one of the most effective one, make sure to use it in conjunction with healthy diet and regular exercise. After that, you are sure to get the best results!