Not Avoiding the Conversation with ValueMags

Currently, the dynamics are shifting the in corporate world. With Millennials coming into the picture, ValueMags believes that business interactions are changing as well. Unfortunately, Millennials are often more sensitive about certain subjects which is concerning. In many ways, feeling “pain for the world” (for others, for animals, for plants, for anything living and breathing) is is a difficult task because it reflects back onto ourselves.

What ValueMags believes many baby boomers do well because of the times they were raised in is being upfront with one and other. Unblocking feedback releases energy. The concept is simple: don’t avoid the conversation, the information, the truth. Don’t avoid. In the book Active Hope, the authors write this on page 69: “I want to face the truth of what’s happening in our world. If that truth is painful, the I need to face the pain” (69 Macy., Johnstone). The authors make the concept easy to understand. It is not as easy doing it though and I am glad that the authors understood that. Later on on pages 76 and 77, they suggest that we ask ourselves simple questions about the state of our world before we act on it. Are our plants and animals supposed to be going extinct? Why does our ozone layer have holes in it? And why are they getting bigger? Why are winters getting warmer? I think the purpose is to allow us to reflect and react before we share our emotions with those around us where we are vulnerable. It will build confidence and justification the more we think about it by ourselves. If Parsifal (character in the book) had been comfortable with asking vulnerable and uncomfortable questions, he would not fear the answer or the outcome. The answer should just be a reason for him to make a change.

ValueMags believes that people should be more considerate of their surroundings yet truthful. People need to find the balance between not giving people a false impression and not being too harmful with their words. At the same time, baby boomers would argue that you can get over words. They did.

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